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luxury pillowscompany founderMid-flight to Maui. 40th birthday. Red-eye flight, coach class — middle seat. Screaming lap child. A sleep-deprived mother imagines a stylish travel pillow that would comfort weary souls everywhere. A pillow that inspires first class luxury—even if it happens to be carried in a diaper bag or hospital tote. With the premise that the journey should be just as enjoyable as the destination, Passage Pillows were born.

Laura Hamilton designed Passage Pillows reminiscent of the camping pillow used on globe-trotting adventures during her 20′s. A self-professed textile junkie, Laura’s design inspiration comes from scouring flea markets in Europe and estate sales in Connecticut at a young age with her mother. She is also heavily influenced by travels to countries with traditions of skilled craftsmanship such as Turkey, Morocco, Laos, Haiti, Guatemala and Indonesia.

About the Founder
Before launching Passage Pillows, Laura’s life passages included careers in children’s television and luxury resort development. She has worked with well-known brands such as Exclusive Resorts, Four Seasons, Hallmark International and the Jim Henson Company. Her passions include raising her three children, beating her husband in Scrabble, and practicing yoga. Laura’s travels have brought her to over 100 countries.